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Looking for things to do? Many activities in Novara or nearby:

Visit the Water Mill

The mill of Mr. Ugo, which is just opposite to OldNoar, you will discover the charm of a horizontal wheel water mill, using the ancient technique of grinding stone of ancient grains of Sicily.

Wine tasting

In the Alcantara Valley wineries are among the best in all of Sicily, taste wines and visit the vineyards at the foot of Mount Etna is an unforgettable experience.

Trekking and Walks

There are several hiking trails in the surrounding area of Novara, easy or challenging routes at the option of trekking lovers or walk completely immersed in the Mediterranean or the lush forests.

Horse Riding

An ancient country lane to discover the nature around the village of Novara or to either ride will be exciting and fun experience.

Night Sky Watching

Novara di Sicilia offers the skies among the clearest and least polluted of Sicily, observe the sky with its stars, the constellations and the Milky Way from the 'Plans', small plateau not far from the village, is an experience not to be missed, in all periods of the year.

Bicycle tours

A bike ride through the “vaelle” the typical small street of the village, a unique opportunity to discover the architectural wonders of the ancient medieval village.